MMUP UPDA Engineers Registration Preparation for Quantity Surveyor ( QS)


Anyone could work as an engineer without proof of competency. In order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, the first engineering licensure LAW NO. (19) IN 2005 REGULATING THE PRACTICE OF ENGINEERING PROFESSIONS was enacted in 2005 in Qatar. Now Qatar regulates the practice of engineering to ensure public safety by granting only Professional Engineers the authority to sign and seal engineering plans and offer their services to the public.

For Law No. (19) Year 2005 For Regularizing the Practice of Engineering Professions in the State of Qatar explains the overall law and the grades you would acquire based on your experience and education.

Who should attend ?

Quantity Surveyor

Eligibility Criteria

Any  Engineering  Degree

Exam Details

1. The exam will be conducted in same Baladiya office at 9th floor.
2. Enter the baladiya office 30 min before exam time and be calm and cool.
3. You have to switch off your mobiles and keep it in outside table with other things before entering exam hall.
4. The exam pattern is objective questions (25 questions) and the duration is one hour. Minimum mark requirements for passing the exam are not clear.
5. You have to study your engineering discipline subjects and project management etc.
6. After finish the exam come outside exam hall and wait in the rest area. After few minutes they will call one by one for results.
7. If you pass or fail the exam immediately they will return your all original documents submitted.
8. If you pass the exam they will tell you to wait for few minutes to issue the certificate and UPDA ID card.
9. Bring your ATM/Credit card for payment. (Fees QR 300).
10. After making payment they will issue the UPDA certificate, UPDA ID card.

Why FIM for UPDA

  • You will be getting Complete Guidance on Obtaining the UPDA Licence
  • Our Trainers refreshing your engineering Concepts and Exam Practice which will be similar to real examination.
  • We will be giving complete Assitance for Documents Requirement and submissions process.
  • We provide complete guidance for Registration Process
  • Real-Time Q & A Discussion and Exam Practice
  • Guidance and Support for Passing the Examination
  • We Provide Compete Handouts and Sample Question.

Furthermore information like Course Content and Training Schedule Please Call us or send email

Batch Schedule


06 July  2018
2:00PM – 07:00PM
Friday Only

Course Enquiry

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