Certified Purchasing Professionals (CPP, ASP-USA)

40 Hrs / 35 PDU'S

The American Purchasing Society advocates the following principles and standards that comprise its Code of Professional Ethics and Professional Conduct. Adherence to this Code is required for certification through the American Purchasing Society and serves to ensure public confidence in the integrity of purchasing professionals.
The Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) program is for professionals who have demonstrated the skills to successfully implement improved purchasing and supply chain practices as part of a business solution in an organization.


Benefits of Professional Certification  
Certification is crucial towards becoming a world‐ class purchasing professional. Today’s employers refuse to reward employees for yesterday’s skills.
They demand that purchasing professionals should use most modern skills and achieve unprecedented results. They want purchasing professionals to save more money, achieve better operational performance, and reduce risk.  
The CPP and CPPM are impressive purchasing certifications that validate your stand as a successful professional. It is just what you need to bring the most modern purchasing practices into your organization and achieve your career potential.

Professionalism ‐ Certification indicates a high level of professionalism to both coworkers and customers, increasing one’s value in the market place.
Leadership ‐ Certification signifies an employee as dedicated to continuous improvement of himself/herself.
Recognition ‐ only a small fraction of professionals ever achieve certification, indicating that they are a leading professional in the purchasing and supply chain profession.
Knowledge ‐ Certification will improve one’s understanding of the most current processes and trends in the purchasing and supply chain profession
Ethical Behavior ‐ Individuals who become certified must subscribe to a rigorous code of ethics appropriate to the purchasing profession.

Does Certification Impact Salary Levels?
Research data has shown that employers typically reward certified employees with salaries that are 40 to 50% higher than those who are not certified.    A high correlation between certification and salary exists for virtually all professions and all industries sampled.

Who should attend?

CPP  is open to all persons in purchasing, materials management or in an executive position who are members of the American Purchasing Society or who work for a company that holds a valid membership in the Society. All members who qualify are encouraged to apply for certification although certification is not necessary to maintain a membership.

Eligibility Criteria

CPP certification is a minimum of three years purchasing related experience OR a degree from a recognized college plus two years of purchasing related experience

Exam Details

Course Contents

Introduction to Purchasing
a. Purchasing Cycle
b. Purchasing System
c. Purchasing Steps

Procurement Planning
a. Advance Purchase Planning
b. Purchasing Complexity
c. Procurement Planning Content

Procurement Methods
a. Price Competitive Approach
b. Blanket Purchase Agreements
c. Electronic Procurement

Negotiation Strategies
a. Steps in Negotiating
b. Tools in Negotiating
c. Types of Negotiations

a. Introduction and Overview
b. Elements of a Contract
c. Duties and Obligations
d. Types of Purchasing Contracts

Sources of Supply
a. Order of Precedence
b. Make or Buy
c. Lease Purchase Analysis

a. Solicitation Planning
b. Written Solicitation

Supplier Ratings
a. Categorical Method
b. Cost Point Method
c. Vendor Profile Analysis

International Sourcing
a. Overview of Worldwide Sourcing
b. Offshore and Domestic Purchasing
c. Trade Barriers
d. Currency Risk Management
e. Currency Adjustment Factors
f. Currency Hedging
g. Global Sourcing Strategies

Purchasing and Strategy Development
a. Linking Purchasing and Corporate Strategy
b. Purchasing Goals and Objectives
c. Purchasing Strategy Development Process
d. Types of Purchasing Strategies
e. Supply Management

Purchasing Management
a. Importance of Management
b. Inter personal skills
c. Management Functions
d. Globalization

a. Functions of Management
b. Levels of Management
c. Management Theory

Strategic management
a. Strategic approaches  
b. Understanding the Vision and Mission
c. Strategic Management Process

Purchasing Consulting
a. Project and Engagement
b. GAP Analysis
c. Purchasing Evaluation and Benchmarking Review  
d. Advance Consulting Skills

Essentials of International Trading  
How to execute and handle the purchases internationally with respect to:
  • INCOTERMS 2010 “Transfer of costs and risks”. 
  • Rules of carriage of goods by sea act.
  • Bill of Lading definition, importance, types and entries
  • Purchases by Documentary Letters of Credits.
  • Marine Insurance Covers.  

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