Basic Safe Erection and Dismantling of Scaffolding

Scaffolding Training


Course Learning Objectives

The aim of the training is to provide candidates with the working knowledge and skills in the methods of the basic safe erection and dismantling of basic scaffolds.

Course Certification

Successful participants who passed the written and practical test will receive certificates on Basic Safe Erection and Dismantling of Scaffolding.

Course Contents

Passing Score

The course is divided into two sessions. The first session is classroom/theory training and the second is practical application of the course content.

Session 1 Classroom/ Theory Training

  • Introduction of Scaffolds
  • Managing Risk with Scaffolds
  • Planning Scaffolding Work
  • Controlling the Risks in Scaffolding Work
  • Types of Scaffold and Risk Controls
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Written Examination

Session 2 On Site

  • Field Training
  • Practical Examination

Course Enquiry

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